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5 things you should know about batteries & energy saving

Posted Date: 13.September.2017
. The random batteries we use for our remote controls, wall clocks etc are called cells, but we call them batteries anyway.

2. There are are two types of batteries. they are the Dry Cells Battery and the Wet Cells Battery.


3. The most common types of Dry Cell Battery is the VLRA -Valve Regulated Lead Acid and GEL.

4. The Lifespan of a typical VRLA battery is between 2 - 4 years even if not installed or used, it continue to discharge. Which means a new sealed battery can be close to expiry or even expired at point of purchase, while GEL & Telecom Grade batteries may have up to 10years design life.

5. The rated cycles of a battery can also determine its life-span. A 600 cycles at 50% DOD with a rated Lifespan of 2-3 years can last for just 10 months if it runs on 2 cycles per day.

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An energy-saving tip: Change the 100WATTS Mallam bulbs in your apartment to 8/10/12 WATTS energy-saving BULBs today. You will consume less energy and thank us later!