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Who we are

TIA Technologies Limited is an Engineering company specialized in providing “Optimized” Power, Network Infrastructure, IT & Smart Security Solutions to large-scale and small-scale energy-consuming entities. Incorporated by a team of “business-minded” Engineers that were determined to change the legacy approaches to providing services to sustainable solutions that are modern and proactive.
Having worked with renowned Power and Data Centre Solutions Companies, we realised that solutions offered clients are usually inefficient, insufficient and most times not tailored to suit their specific needs. Thus, these companies have given clients what they want rather than give the clients what they need. Alternatively, we are determined to provide our clients, reliable, optimised and “trusted” solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

At TIA Technologies, We partner with our clients to reduce their budget on energy infrastructures and curb wastages as they deliver sustainable competitive advantages over their peers by tailoring our solutions to what clients need without necessarily running extra cost on their energy needs nor compromising on the standard of delivery.

We are mindful to deliver services with Quality, Professionalism, Speed, Commitment and Customer Empathy.

Our Clients

We know the importance of our client to our business and we go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.


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