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TIA Technologies Ltd. is introducing a dynamic ICT partnership package which will improve system performance and delivery in schools accross Nigeria and Africa. Services rendered on our school package are listed below
1 SCHOOL PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (School Portal/Management) A Software that manages the academic records of student, school finance, Teachers’ performance, Parents’ responsibilities Three Months
2 SCHOOL WEBSITE Informative website about the school open to the public Three Months
3 STUDENT AND STAFFS SECURITY ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM An electronic Attendance register for Parent, Teachers/Staffs and Students Trial N/A
4 SECURITY SOLUTIONS A total security surveillance system to monitor the School premises. Demo can be provided – 1 week
5 ICT ROOM COMMON EQUIPMENT Supply of smartboard, Interactive boards and Projector Demo N/A
6 SCHOOL WIFI Internet Network WIFI facility Demo N/A
School Performance Management System This service offers a Software that manages the academic records of students, school finance, Teachers’ performance, and Parent responsibilities, is a web portal to your school based on your general student performance to help make your work delivery easier, faster and accurate which can be referred to as School Performance Management System (SPM).
  • SPM system is a model to suit Parents, Teachers and Students relationship by managing students’ academic affairs, interactions between Parents and Teachers with the use of modern technology.
  •  Analysis of staff and students’ attendance.
  • Manage the School Finance
  • HR and Payroll System
System Architecture In brief, this portal will enable Parents to view their ward/child/children’s performance from anywhere in the world in real time. Our proposed SPM architecture is divided into SIX-user approach; Parents: this is a platform design for parents as a channel to communicate with the Teachers; this channel will be a link from the existing website. Furthermore the platform will also accommodate all level of student details, in addition, this user platform will also have access to customer self-services which will be automated. Parents will have details of their ward or child in form of a report on performance in real time. I.e. Student Performance rating which arises from test scores, attendance, general moral reports etc. Teachers: This user is obviously the one who feeds the portal with dynamic information. The primary goal of the teacher is to periodically upload details like attendance, tests, exams and assignment scores to be viewed by other user groups online.
  • Review Officer: This gives access to individual officer whose responsibility it is to review teacher’s uploads. This role can be played by HOD’s. This also can serve as a platform to monitor teachers’ attitude to work.
  • System Personnel: This user configures the system to suit the unit details and report which makes the system as dynamic as possible. For instance, this user can create another user or action. This user will be the contact person with us (Consultant) in case of any challenge or irregularities from the portal.
  • Account: This Module will take care of the school accounting processes. This user will have the capability to keep Student payment statement, generate receipt, send e-receipt, generate payment vouchers, payroll management, Scan invoices etc.
  • Admin/HR: This manages the Human Resources i.e. staff details, Leave approvals, welfare packages. Etc.
Features and Benefits To buttress above item on system credibility to your organization, below is a short list and brief description of the expected benefits.
  • Online Academic Report: The Authority, parents and students can view academic report online.
  • Automated Performance Summary: In respect to your school assessment policy, the system can be designed to qualify and automatically rate students with their scores fed by the teachers.
  • Document Management: The portal will also monitor the document pertaining to each upload, and can be accessed at any time, anywhere.
  • Document Transfer: It will improve parent-teacher relation by reducing the risk of document transfer between the both parties. Parents can always download document from the site for instance. School books, Broad Time-Table etc.
  • Automated SMS and Email alert: this system can be configured to automatically send email, and SMS to parent as a reminder with little or no employee/Review officer’s intervention. This feature can also be used to broadcast messages as regards upcoming events.
  • Flexibility
    • Menu Driven.
    • Customizable to your peculiar need.
  • Open Access to Data
    • Interfaces seamlessly with all major spread sheets and application.
    • Has powerful import routines that allow you easily retrieve information from as far back as you have stored on your hard disk.
    • Helps you work offline.
  • Cloud based
    • It doesn’t require a server room on the premises
    • where an on-site server room already exists, a backup is made in the cloud servers.
  • Platform Availability
    • Supports all standard operating systems.
    • It will be readily available 24 hours.
    • It can be accessible anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to Use (User Friendly)
    • Can be used by virtually any level of staff with minimal training, Parents with little or no computer experience will be able to operate with little or no assistance.
  • Report
    • Comprehensive Report information can be obtained. You can select information you want reported within a certain time frame or on an individual activity.
    • You can in addition, generate an unlimited number of user-defined reports which serve as management information tools.
    • Generation of immediate update reports.
  • Help button
    • At each menu level, a help button is available to show you the objective and describe the relevant process flow to ensure that you easily follow through what the system is doing.
  • Security
Because of the confidentiality attached to personnel information, the System has been designed to protect records.
    • Allows users access to define areas only.
    • Logs each activity performed on the system.
    • Provides a full audit trail for
    • Monitoring and possible investigation of updates.
  •   Integrated Solution
    • You have the choice of having a fully integrated system. This saves multiple data entry; ensure consistency of data and saves you time. An appropriate security lock ensures that data is available to relevant personnel only.
  • Multi-user
    • Data entry and reporting functions can be used simultaneously.
    • Several users can enter data at the same time and even post to the student record simultaneously with adequate data protection.
    • Makes backup of your data f to prevent total loss in the event of a system crash.
  • User Complaints
    • The portal allows users to lodge complaints to the administrator or system personnel via the software and it is received immediately, and can be replied via the same medium received by the end users.
  • We are introducing to you a responsive website where readers and viewers can easily communicate with your organization via the internet.
  • A responsive website is a model which has the capability to change and adapt with the look and feel irrespective of the device used to view.
  • In brief, this will enable your targeted audience be reached at their convenience putting into consideration their data usage or bandwidth.
  • Proposed Pages:
The under listed are proposed predefined pages of a simple website, you can chooses to have more with respect to your requirement and motive behind the development.
    • Home Page: This page will briefly describe the content of the website and the functions carried out by your organization, in other words the brief description of the organizational project(s) or brands. We usually pass this message to viewers and readers through pictures.
    • About Page: Detailed description of the organization, project or brand in which drives the purpose of the website.
    • Interactive page (Blog): This module is like a blog where web posts are loaded for audience comments and reactions.
    • Contact Page: Organizational contact, via location, telephone, E-mail etc., are displayed here. It also carries the feature of contact forms where direct comments and inquiries can be sent to you.
    • Gallery / Events: This displays the photographs of past events, details of upcoming events and previews of ongoing ones.
    • Frequently Asked Questions: Handles expected questions or frequently asked questions from the public.
    • Other Brands/Projects: Includes links to better and introductory understanding of the services carried out by the organization.
S/N PACKAGE Description Pupil / TERM Amount (N)
  • SPM System
  • School Website
  • SPM System
  • Student and Staff access control system.
  • School Website
  • ICT room Common Equipment
  • SPM System
  • Student and Staff access control system.
  • School Website
  • ICT room Common Equipment
  • Security Surveillance Solution
  • School WIFI
4 Training 10 Ordinary Users Free
2 Technical User Free
S/N PACKAGE Description Amount (N)
  • SPM System
  • School Website
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  • SPM System
  • Student and Staff access control system.
  • School Website
  • ICT Common Equipment
Contact us
  • SPM System
  • Student and Staff access control system.
  • School Website
  • ICT Common Equipment
  • Security Solution
  • School WiFi
Contact us
4 Training 10 Ordinary Users Free
2 Technical Users Free
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