This is not something complex. The word ‘Artificial’ means Man-made and ‘Intelligence’ means Knowledge acquired or Capacity of mind to understand principles, truths and facts of meanings.

The AI (artificial intelligence) camera guides us as, it has been designed to study and pick the behaviors of humans. It is an intelligent video surveillance system;

  • It reads Movement
  • Captures Facial Recognition
  • It is Time Saving
  • Performs Facial Recognition
  • Stores and Reads Human Metadata
  • Assists in Population Density Analysis
  • Detects Human Behavior such as:
          Falling | Stalking | Loitering
  • Facial Big Data
  • Vehicle Metadata

    ANPR | Over speeding | Running Traffic Light

The AI is a highly autonomous system that outperforms human ability to function at the same level. It splits into different sub technologies that tries to emulate human activities. This aspect of computer science teaches a computer how to mimic some of human characters such as to think or at least, learn.

How AI Camera Works

It interprets video data directly from the source. The camera dissects and learns data for easier processing and with higher efficiency. The camera includes have different functions.

Additional Features of the AI camera.

  • High performance sensors
  • Powerful optical zoom
  • Long range IR illumination
  • Powerful protection
  • Compact design

AI changes the way that cameras function. Whether by facial recognition, capturing vivid portrait photos or detecting suspicious movements – AI Cameras can serve many purposes without requiring the addition of many hardware components. AI can be widely used in different vertical industries like transportation, government, city, warehouses, general environment surveillance, etc., with proven durability and effectiveness.


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