Smart Home: The Video Intercom

Knowing about your home just got easier! Exciting right? Yes, and this is because this Dahua product lineup eases communication between visitors, home owners and property management centers.

We all know that the introduction of cameras and environmental sensors has been built with an effortless control to access our home and environment. The Video Intercom is an advancement and is used to manage calls made at the entrance to a building with access controlled by audiovisual communication between the inside and outside.

Be anywhere with the Video Intercom which includes an audio. Everything you need, right at your fingertips!

The interesting feature of this device is that it enables the person indoor to identify the visitor and engage in a conversation if (and only if) they wish, and allow access if they wish.

When a visitor comes to your home and presses one of the outdoor panel pushbuttons, the built-in camera connected captures the image and displays on the monitor screen inside. Connection takes place automatically, which is one of the advantage element it presents. At this point, you can decide to open the door or just have a conversation with your visitor.

What if you are not home?

We know as of this moment, you are wondering how this would all play out when you are not home.

Easy! All you need is to have your mobile phone already connected to your Video intercom and with this, you can attend to your visitor at your own convenience. You can decide to open or just inform the visitor to come by later. This is a safe and secure system to monitor your home.

Do you think there might be a need to purchase on but you are unsure of how certain and how to go about it ?


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