OPTMAX Inverter with Built-in Battery

Getting a trustworthy technology brand could be tricky right? In light of the fact that we need a stable source of power in our homes and businesses, we definitely want something that isn’t outrageous and can serve its purpose.


The OPTMAX inverter is a new and trustworthy technology brand created to provide you with the best Power and at an affordable rate. It provides power in the event of power failure for household appliances such as Television, Bluetooth devices, Power banks, Laptops, Decoders, Clippers, Fans, and Lightings etc.

It consists of:

• 400w capacity inverter, 120 000mAh in-built battery

• Unique Ultra-pure super in-built Lithium Battery

• High Temperature Resistant Battery

• Aluminum Alloy

Product Features Details
Excellent Gear
Not only for emergencies, but powers up whenever you need power on the go. With high power/energy, you can keep for devices and appliances going for a long period.
Compact Design with Tough Structure
Built with a durable aluminum-alloy housing with Anodic Oxidation process, it provides resistance, anti-drop, impacts resistant, anti-explosion and better cooling. It is extremely rugged.
Built-In High-Quality Lithium Battery
t adopts high quality Lithium batteries, featured with long lifespan, high safety, high power density, high capacity, high temperature resistance, slim size but with a very portable weight.
Smart and Safe
It is built in BMS which is controlled by smart power control processor, excellent safety including overcharge proof and over discharge proof, over current proof, over power proof and short circuit proof.
Support MPPT Technology
MPPT; Maximum Power Point Tracking which is designed to use with wind turbines and photovoltaic (PV) solar systems to maximize power extraction under ALL conditions. It figures out the best power the panel can put out to charge the battery.

Powered by a strong and reliable inbuilt lithium polymer battery, it can be charged using Solar panels (or any other renewable energy source), Electricity supply from power grid and Car charge dock.       

It can also be used for cars, RVs, fleet vehicles, emergency vehicles or construction equipment. Protect your home during power outages with emergency backup power to essential equipment.

It is safe to say that you’ll get value and much more for your money because the OPTMax inverter is of great quality and is very affordable.


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